Tea Parties:

This is the most fruitful of everything that Thru His Mercy, Inc. accomplishes. These tea parties invite church members and neighboring ladies (now men) to participate.

The tea parties are most effective in sharing God's love, grace, protection and forgiveness. During these parties, the women allow the daily challenges to drift away, the walls to be lowered and God to move in them. I just love it!

As the lesson and party proceed, I watch each lady be transformed through God. Not only do they have their physical needs met (gifts, Mark 6:30-44) but their spiritual needs are met and watered as God shows His love for them as an individual. It is so powerful that I find no words to describe it. The ladies are growing to a place where they have the ability to witness to their families (husband and children). As they grow in God, He gives the ladies peace and direction, which is overflowing into the colonias. HALLELUJAH! :)

It has been through the women's freedom in God, that the men are wanting the same freedom...God's joy and peace. Men who are stepping forward and professing God! Men who will take their families to church instead of staying home! This all falls into the growth statement from earlier. God has certainly worked within me to bring me to the place that only God can destine for anyone who is a willing vessel.

The purpose of this activity is to assist with the witnessing and education of Jesus Christ to those interested in Mexico. This is accomplished by planning a "tea party" with an inviting church and/or organization. During the course of the tea party, a message is delivered about Jesus Christ and His unconditional love. We conduct a bible study, which includes singing, laughter, gifts, and a reflection of testimonies. The participants will go home with Jesus Christ, a seed of hope and salvation as well as gifts for the household. All people who attend and the community benefit from this activity. Some of the parties are geared toward congregations and reflect similarities to that of a revival as the ladies are boosted with hope and freed from their despair.

If you would like more information, please contact us at susankirk@thruhismercy.org

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